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Thursday, September 9, 2010

With a Green Scarf

(Chalk Paths by Eric Ravilious, 1903-1942, English
engraver, artist, and official war painter during World
War II)

Marin Sorescu managed to flourish as a poet in Romania, even under the repressive Communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu, without either compromising his talents or selling his soul. He used humor and irony — especially irony.


With a green scarf I blindfolded
the eyes of the trees
and asked them to catch me.

At once the trees caught me,
their leaves shaking with laughter.

I blindfolded the birds
with a scarf of clouds
and asked them to catch me.

The birds caught me
with a song.

Then with a smile I blindfolded
my sorrow
and the day after it caught me
with a love.

I blindfolded the sun
with my nights
and asked the sun to catch me.

I know where you are, the sun said,
just behind that time.

Don’t bother to hide any longer.

Don’t bother to hide any longer,
said all of them,
as well as all the feelings
I tried to blindfold.

~ Marin Sorescu (1936-1996), Romanian poet

1 comment:

Mindy said...

I really enjoyed this poem.Its like depression and wanting to hide from everything,but some how everything has a way of getting to you.You want to be set free of it and eventually you will be ,but it will be you who sets it free.