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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don’t Let That Horse Eat That Violin

(The Equestrienne by Marc Chagall, 1887-1985,
Russian-French artist)

This painting depicts a romantic tale about love, as do many of Chagall’s works. The poet, however, is focused not on the young couple but on the way this painting came about.

(If you look carefully, you’ll note that Ferlinghetti makes a small error. The violin is actually under the horse’s chin. It’s a bouquet of flowers that’s in its mouth. But no matter.)


Don’t let that horse
eat that violin

cried Chagall’s mother

But he
kept right on

And became famous

And kept on painting
The Horse With Violin In Mouth

And when he finally finished it
he jumped up upon the horse
and rode away
waving the violin

And then with a low bow gave it
to the first naked nude he ran across

And there were no strings

~ Lawrence Ferlinghetti, born 1919, American poet, painter, and publisher

1 comment:

Gary LeDrew said...

Hi one of my favourites too. but I dont think that is the right picture. I remember seeing a Chagall painting with the violin actually in a horse's mouth but i can not find it.