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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Deciduous Spring

(Birds and Plants, design for wallpaper and
textile, by C. F. A. Voysey 1857-1941, English
engineer, architect, and artist)

Flora and fauna can become a bit rambunctious in spring.


Now, now the world
All gabbles joy like geese, for
An idiot glory the sky
bangs. Look!
All leaves are new, are
Now, are
Bangles dangling and
Spangling, in sudden air
Wangling, then
Hanging quiet, bright.

The world comes back, and again
Is gabbling, and yes,
Remarkably worse, for
The world is a whirl of
Green mirrors gone wild with
Deceit, and the world
Whirls green on a string, then
The leaves go quiet, wink
From their own shade, secretly.

Keep still, just a moment, leaves.

There is something I am trying to remember.

~ Robert Penn Warren (1905-1989), American poet and writer

1 comment:

Origami said...

I do love poems about spring - so here's one of mine:

AN APRIL’S VIEW (Jan Keough)

The weeping cherry trees bloom
In daring white pinks
On branches that were
Iced in brown rain
A month ago.
I guess they know what they’re doing -
Racing May’s foliage call,
Ignoring April’s nasty reputation.

I’ve seen blossoms fade and fall
In early spring pretence.
Their pretty days soon sung silent
By anxious rainfall that aches
Every petal from a slow-leafed branch
Defenseless in too-cold nights.
While the yet-furrowed soil
Where worms dream to uncoil
Lies blameless.