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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Paris in the Springtime

(Lovers at the Top of the July Column, Paris, 1957, by
Willy Ronis, 1910-2009, French photographer)

It is always the best time to be in Paris — you will love it the first or last time you see the city; in April, May, and June and any other month of the year; and in the seasons of winter, springtime, summer, and fall.


Ev’ry time I look down
On this timeless town,
Whether blue or gray be her skies,
Whether loud be her cheers
Or whether soft be her tears,
More and more do I realize

I love Paris in the spring time,
I love Paris in the fall,
I love Paris in the winter when it drizzles,
I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles.
I love Paris ev’ry moment,
Ev’ry moment of the year.
I love Paris,
Why, oh, why do I love Paris?
Because my love is near.

~ Cole Porter (1891-1964), American composer and lyricist, from the musical Can Can, 1953

To listen to the radiant Miss Ella Fitzgerald’s version of this ballad, click on the link (you may have to cut and paste):

1 comment:

dylan said...

Paris;this April sunset completely utters
utters serenely silently a cathedral

before whose upward lean magnificent face
the streets turn young with rain,

spiral acres of bloated rose
coiled within cobalt miles of sky
yield to and heed
the mauve
                    of twilight(who slenderly descends,
daintily carrying in her eyes the dangerous first stars)
people move love hurry in a gently

arriving gloom and
see!(the new moon
fills abruptly with sudden silver
these torn pockets of lame and begging colour)while
there and here the lithe indolent prostitute

with certain houses

-- E E Cummings (1894-1962)