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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Come the Wild, Wild Weather

(Yellow Rose by Pierre-Joseph Redouté,
1759-1840, French botanist and watercolorist)

In the language of flowers, the yellow rose represents friendship.


Time may hold in store for us
Glory or defeat,
Maybe never more for us
Life will seem so sweet.
Time will change so many things,
Tides will ebb and flow,
But wherever fate may lead us
Always shall we know —

Come the wild, wild weather,
Come the wind and the rain,
Come the little joy, come the pain,
We shall still be together
When our life’s journey ends,
For wherever we chance to go
We shall always be friends.

We may find while we’re traveling through the years
Moments of joy and love and happiness,
Reason for grief, reason for tears.
Come the wild, wild weather,
If we’ve lost or we’ve won,
We’ll remember these words we say
Till our story is done.

~ Noël Coward (1899-1973), English composer, playwright, actor, and singer; the lyrics of a song in his play Waiting in the Wings

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