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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Friendship — Such Love I Cannot Analyze

(Summer Evening on Skagen’s Southern Beach, 1893
by P. S. Krøyer, 1851-1909, Norwegian-Danish painter)

Yesterday, we finished our study of Storge, or family affection. As we continue to look at love, we go on to Philia, or friendship.


Such love I cannot analyze;
It does not rest in lips or eyes,
Neither in kisses nor caress.
Partly, I know, it’s gentleness

And understanding in one word
Or in brief letters. It’s preserved
By trust and by respect and awe.
These are the words I’m feeling for.

Two people, yes, two lasting friends.
The giving comes, the taking ends.
There is no measure for such things.
For this all Nature slows and sings.

~ Elizabeth Jennings (1926-2001), English poet and librarian

1 comment:

GretchenJoanna said...

Thanks be to God, I have friendships well described by this poem, which is new to me. Thank you, Maria!