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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Double Bubble of Infinity

(Dreamtime Sisters, Australian Aboriginal art)

Today is my wedding anniversary.


The night before the day of our wedding
I dreamed that the universe had a party,
All the stars were invited,
Beneath sparkling chandeliers, the planets rejoiced;
In all its beautiful, candle-lit galaxies,
Crowded with glass-clinking revelers,
The Cosmos was Laughing with
Lasting Love and Light.

~ Kate Farrell, born in 1946, American poet and editor


jama said...

Happy Anniversary, Maria! What a beautiful poem, so uplifting. Enjoy your special day ♥.

maria horvath said...

Thank you, Jama.

The old gentleman... said...

Belated congratulations, and to himself as well! As far as time passing, let's remember that a watched clock never boils.

maria horvath said...

Thank you, dear OG.